This past winter has given the impression of the University of Wisconsin as sports factory, with women's volleyball making the national title game, football playing again on January 1 (going to the moon appeared easier from the perspective circa 1974 than playing in a Rose Bowl), both hockey teams appearing in the national tournament (from that 1974 perspective, any outcome other than a national title is a disaster) and men's basketball being an empty possession away from the title game (the coach in 1974, John Powless, having gone on to a spectacular third act as a tennis player).

Now comes the Project on Fair Representation, seeking to bring a class-action lawsuit against Wisconsin, Harvard, and North Carolina for unconstitutional discrimination in the name of affirmative action.  Yes, there are any number of universities that could be named in such a suit.  In order for such a suit to have any effect on admission practices, though, the university so named must be depriving applicants of a service not easily obtained elsewhere.

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