At the recent Memorial Day parade, a candidate for public office invited voters to compare and contrast.

At the time, I noted, "But a trashy, splintery, litigious common culture in a continued weak economy is a dangerous place for the military to become alienated."

In such an environment, that voters now express more confidence in military and police than they do in elected officials is perhaps a more ominous sign.
Gallup reported this week that Americans now have more confidence in the police and the military than they do in the three branches of the U.S. government -- which is not exactly a healthy place to be in a constitutional republic.
Particularly as all three branches of that constitutional government have been experiencing a prolonged loss of confidence.
And the takeaway from the new Gallup poll isn’t exactly heartening: Americans are losing faith in the ability of constitutional government to lead the nation. They don’t trust the White House, they don’t trust the Supreme Court and they certainly don’t trust Congress.
And yet, it's the usual talking heads with the usual talking points.

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