Inside Higher Ed reports on the troubles of one Robert Breuder, president of the College of DuPage, for engaging in rent-seeking.  At stake, some $20 million in state capital appropriations.
The state had appropriated the money for projects that the 28,000-student college had already completed using its own funds.

To Breuder and his supporters, this story is about the unpredictability of state support and the need for scrappy community colleges to work every possible angle to get enough money to thrive. But to critics who have pounced on the situation, this is a story about a community college that was able to pay for projects itself, yet tried to grab every penny it could from taxpayers -- for the sake of luxury, not necessity.
The article hints at other disagreements between the president and the faculty and some of the trustees.  Whatever the sources of the money, and whether or not it has been properly spent, since 2009 there has been tremendous expansion of the College of DuPage facilities.  One almost needs rapid transit to get from the new buildings practically in Winfield to the original gym.

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