Matt Lewis, of The Daily Caller, suggests Our President "has emotionally checked out of his job."  To Rick Moran, "A president going through the motions while the rest of the world is blowing up is inherently dangerous."  Jazz Shaw suggests it's what happens when the masses don't follow the Messiah.
Obama’s vision of the future never involved compromise. It relied on everyone suddenly seeing just how right he was and how wrong they were. That didn’t happen, and not having a backup plan in the event that the rabbit failed to emerge from the hat, Barack Obama threw in the towel.
That's more charitable than Andrew Klavan's verdict.
Obama has been right about only one thing in his entire life and it is this:  If you play on Americans’ racial shame and their fears of conservative repression, you can convince them to follow a False Messiah. The Hapless Putz part is this: He didn’t know he was a False Messiah. He thought he was for real. He believed his political ideas were true. He thought making America less of a presence in the world would make the world more peaceful. He thought ordering up some sort of health care thingie would make everything cheap and everyone happy. He thought he could phone and pen his way to greatness.

But in fact he is a Hapless Putz. And rather than face that truth, he has turned off the world.
When the planet does not begin to heal itself, dear reader, is it really better to double down on the policies that, five-plus years on, have thus far failed?

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