It has generally been Cold Spring Shops practice to give egregiously silly student editorials a pass.  Northern Star columnist Marilou Terrones, however, would likely view that as encouragement.
I want to stay in bed and curl up with my blanket. But, I can’t because if I don’t go to class I won’t know what will be on the test. Even worse, I won’t know what will be on the midterm.

Midterms are an extra burden on students. Although students are expected to keep up with the readings and assignments of a class, it’s intimidating to know a longer multiple choice exam will have such a big effect on their overall grade for a course.

Tests suck, but midterms are even worse — they require extra work aside from homework and quizzes. Thankfully, not every course offered at NIU requires students to take a midterm.

Because Homecoming celebrations and midterm week coincidentally fell right after one another, students were left with little room to de-stress and enjoy themselves by engaging in school spirit activities.

Nonetheless, students were aware if they did have to set time aside to study, they’d only be studying for a couple of classes.
I hope at least a few of my former colleagues recognize that being student-centered, or fretting about retention, neither imply nor are implied by enabling the slacker attitude present in that column.

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