The Waterman and Western Railroad has strong support from its friends.
Pete Robinson didn’t realize how much people treasured his Holiday Lights Train until vandals damaged the display. Now that he understands the train is valued, he’s determined to take donations he’s received and to repair and improve the estimated $20,000 in damage.
Financial support, both in the donation box at the railroad, and the crowd-funding site, has given Mr Robinson reason to augment the illuminations.
Robinson will begin work on larger displays to debut next year. He said he plans to replace the three 20-foot tall arches that make up the snowfall display with four arches that will be 2 feet taller and have more snowflake lights.

He plans to create a new display at the beginning of the tracks featuring elves bringing presents to a lighted Santa.
And, consistent with my impression, ridership during the weekend before Christmas was strong.

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