Boston's Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is once again considering diesel multiple unit cars for commuter rail service.  A Boston Globe article notes, blast from the past.

Preserved RDC-2 in the proper paint scheme, Bedford, Massachusetts.

At one time, Boston and Maine owned the world's largest fleet of Budd Rail Diesel Cars, and both New Haven and Boston and Albany ran Budd Cars on some commuter services out of South Station.

The article does not note that the Budd Cars didn't have the oomph to get through heavy snow, and in the middle 1970s, as the cars wore out and the money ran out, the Authority took first to pulling them with diesel locomotives, and then to pulling one of the two engines out of each car.  A diesel pulled the train, and the remaining engine was used to support the lighting and heating on each coach.

With Boston digging out from twelve inches of global warming climate chaos January, just thought you should know.

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