Five years ago, Chicago State University replaced one hack president, Elnora Daniel, who indulged herself like a third world dictator, with another hack president, Wayne Watson, who brooks dissent like a third world dictator.  Chicago Tribune editorial writers commented, "Students at Chicago State are steamed about a selection process that seems destined to perpetuate the status quo at their school."

One way for a student to avoid the status quo at what remains a dropout factory is to not enroll in the first place.
Enrollment in Fall 2010: 7362. Enrollment in Spring 2015: 4800? If our enrollment drops that low, the percentage decrease since Fall 2010 has reached nearly 35 percent. How in the world does anyone in charge of anything retain a position with such a performance? It is long past time for someone to back up a truck to the Cook building and fill it with the people who have put us in this position. Get these people out of here while there is still a school left (as horribly wounded as it is) to salvage.
The university is in such a death spiral that the deanlets and deanlings had to cancel numerous core courses for lack of enrollment.

And the south side of Chicago is still subject to the laws of the United States of America.  Thus, although the neighborhood might look like the third world, a university administrator cannot suppress dissent in the third world way and get away with it.

But will there be any students left for the dissident professors to teach by the time their lawsuit is adjudicated?

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