There's a vacant lot next door, and I've seen a groundhog (this one's a woodchuck) popping out of a burrow there, usually during the summer.

The best thing for one to do today is just stay in the burrow, human interest in shadows or not.

Overnight, the seasonal snow total has doubled.  Groundhog Day becomes a snow day, and a dig-out day.  Welcome to my frozen tundra.  Weather service reports nearly 18 inches of snow.  Around here, the wind played with it, piling it three feet deep in some places, and leaving the ground nearly bare in others.

This is getting to be a tradition.  A year ago, digging out on Groundhog Day was just another day in a sequence of clipper systems riding the polar vortex.  And four years ago, the heavy snow was still coming down on the morning of Groundhog Day.

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