It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale.  "Yale anti-fossil fuel campaigners have indefinitely postponed a protest that was set for this weekend due to 'unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues.'"  Humph.  The New Haven Railroad used to be able to get through, unless something extraordinary, like a lightship on the tracks, happened.

Divestment advocates face a conflict of interest, as the hedge funds that Ivy League universities have become make money for those scholarships from, gasp!, capitalist enterprises.
So far the divestment movement has met with little success as most colleges and universities have rejected calls to divest themselves of fossil fuel holdings, saying it would hurt their abilities to provide scholarships and other opportunities for students.

Harvard was one such school to reject fossil fuel divestment. In protest, 40 students with Divest Harvard staged a sit-in in the same building as Harvard President Drew Faust’s office. But even as some students become more adamant about divesting, others are finding it to be counterproductive.
And the polar vortex pattern that brought the heavy snows to Chicago last winter has shifted to the east. The cold air is still in place, but the storms come through here with relatively little snow, then draw moisture over the ocean.

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