In Tom Clancy's Command Authority, the Russians get into the Baltic republics before the cavalry, in the form of tank-busting U.S. helicopters, stops the tsar's land grab.

In reality, the streets of Narva, Estonia, recently hosted some U.S. armored vehicles, let us hope, to keep and protect the tsar, far away from the former Captive Nations.

Estonian Defense Forces photograph courtesy Washington Post.

It's part of a scheduled patriotic parade.  There is a NATO rapid reaction force deployed just outside the tsar's window to the west.  So far, at least, nobody is proposing to make Kaliningrad Koenigsberg again.

On the other hand, let some Ohio arsonists torch some military property and academic administrators get the vapors.
The ROTC buildings on both Kent State and Youngstown State University are on lockdown due to a heightened security risk and all ROTC students at both Kent State and Youngstown State University are being told not to wear their uniforms until further notice, as a safety precaution.
You'd think the cadets were being deployed into hostile territory.  Oh, wait ...

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