As more snow heads into northern New England, let us look at a summertime ritual from the days of The America That Worked(TM).

Well-heeled parents of the Official Region wanted to have as little to do with their children as they could get away with.  Thus, they'd ship them off to prep school, and, come summer, exile them to the camps.

Pullman's large fleet of heavyweight cars would be put to use as additional sections of the Bar Harbor or State of Maine, or run as passenger extras, which would look something like this.

The ritual continued into the early 1960s.


Dave Tufte said...

I'm interested in your usage of "Official Region". I have not heard that one before.

Stephen Karlson said...

It's an ancient Interstate Commerce term used in regulated rate-making. Since 1966, only the larger Districts (Eastern, Western) have been in use by the railroads. Official Region loosely refers to the Northeast Corridor and New England, there used to be an Eastern Trunk Line Region and a few other such names, redolent of coal smoke and telegraph sounders.