There are darned few good reasons to be a tourist in the old Ottoman Empire, but the antiquities museum in Mosul, Contested Territory, might have been one.  Until the Sillies vandalized it.  Yes, there's vandalism porn at the link, but it's on a statement by one of the gang-leaders that I wish to focus.
A caption says the artefacts did not exist in the time of the prophet, and were put on display by “devil worshippers”, a term the militant group has used in the past to describe members of the Yazidi minority.
I wonder if that language was chosen with Our President or similar self-despising multiculturalists in the United States in mind.  One radical interpretation of American history argues that the profusion of Devil's Lakes and Devil's Towers and other invocations of Satan in landmarks of the Upper Midwest and West is deliberate: Christian settlers of European origin denigrating the sacred sites, and the belief systems, of the natives by transforming any reference to what I still understand as the Great Spirit into a reference to the evil side of the Christian tradition.  Cue the lamentations about the carving of the conquerors' faces on Mount Rushmore and the plowing of effigy mounds.

When it comes to the Sillies, however, there are standards of behavior to which the victims of the barbarians would like to hold them.
A professor at the Archaeology College in Mosul confirmed to the Associated Press that the two sites depicted in the video are the city museum and Nirgal Gate, one of several gates to Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian empire.

“I’m totally shocked,” Amir al-Jumaili told the AP “It’s a catastrophe. With the destruction of these artefacts, we can no longer be proud of Mosul’s civilisation.”

Isis took control of Mosul last summer in a lightning advance that led to the eviction of thousands of Christians and other minorities from their ancestral homelands in the Nineveh plains, amid reports of forced conversions.

“We cannot expect anything else from Daesh,” said Gabriel, using the Arabic acronym for Isis.

He said the international community must act to prevent the destruction and looting of the artifacts.

“The loss is the loss of the entire world,” he said.

Isaac said: “While the Islamic State is ethnically cleansing the contemporary Assyrian populations of Iraq and Syria, they are also conducting a simultaneous war on their ancient history and the right of future generations of all ethnicities and religions to the material memory of their ancestors.”
And the United Nations, a fever swamp of self-despising multiculturalists, is going to do anything about it?

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