Word reaches Cold Spring Shops headquarters of an American Airlines plane, due to leave Dallas - Fort Worth for Oklahoma City in early afternoon, finally reaching Oklahoma City just before midnight.
Passengers boarded the plane at 1 p.m., but were delayed due to weather conditions in the Dallas area. After two hours, the crew allowed some passengers off the plane, but they were not allowed to re-board. After four hours, passengers reported that the crew allowed some people to leave the plane before re-boarding.

KOCO weather chaser Brandon Sullivan was on the plane. Sullivan reported that the plane stayed at the gate for five and a half hours before moving to a runway. But as the plane was taxing down the runway, Sullivan said the pilot aborted the takeoff because of an issue with the plane's pressurization system. Sullivan said they sat on the tarmac for an undetermined amount of time. American Airlines said the plane was not on the tarmac for more than three hours, the legal threshold set by the FAA. The plane eventually moved back to a gate.
London's Daily Mail makes the story seem more lurid.

Passengers bound for Oklahoma City do have the option of Amtrak's Heartland Flyer, away from the Fort Worth passenger station at 5.25, into Oklahoma City at 9.23 after outer suburban stops at Purcell and Norman.  Scheduled flying time Dallas to Oklahoma City is 30 minutes, but the Dallas airport is a long ride from anywhere, there's the security rigamarole and the half hour each of loading and unloading.

Time for the people of Oklahoma and north Texas to ask for more frequent trains.  Flyer running times compare favorably with those offered by the Santa Fe's Texas Chief, and they're better than those offered by the Rock Island Lines, back in the day.  With air-conditioning making that part of the world tolerable to live in, the passenger density to support multiple frequencies (itself an improvement over what Santa Fe laid on) is present.

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