Chicago State University offers an instructive example of what happens when an egregiously incompetent cabal of diversity hustlers gets control of a university.  It's more important that dissent be crushed than that the students receive an education.  Sometimes it takes the force of law to protect the dissent.
Professors Phillip Beverly and Robert Bionaz sued CSU after the administration repeatedly attempted to silence the Faculty Voice, a blog they authored along with other faculty members. The blog regularly documents alleged misconduct by CSU’s top officials. After bogus accusations of trademark infringement failed to intimidate the professors into shutting down the blog, CSU hastily adopted a far-reaching cyberbullying policy to silence its critics, which it then used to investigate Bionaz for a face-to-face conversation he had with another administrator.

“Yesterday’s order gives Professors Beverly and Bionaz the protection they need from a CSU administration that has shown a single-minded focus on shutting down its critics,” said Catherine Sevcenko, FIRE’s Associate Director of Litigation. “We are relieved that the court will be watching to make sure that the professors will not be sanctioned for simply expressing their views.”

The order also prohibits CSU from taking any steps to punish Professors Beverly or Bionaz without seeking a modification of the order from the court. CSU allegedly attempted to remove Professor Beverly from the university by instigating false charges against him.
Also, apparently, the diversity hustlers have taken a page from Marquette University, still seeking to rid themselves of the troublesome John McAdams, but this would be hilarious if it wasn't university administration at work. "Just before the lawsuit was filed, CSU suspended Professor Beverly for two days without pay because he had his political science seminar attend a Faculty Senate session on censorship at the university." That's the same faculty senate that the administration sought to de-recognize.

Chicago, what Democrats do.

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