A few years ago, I suggested that a Galaxi roller coaster at Old Orchard Beach once was at Pittsburgh's White Swan Park.  (A Pinterest user picked up the photo under those premises.)

When White Swan Park gave way for improved road access to a new Pittsburgh air terminal, the Galaxi there went to Joyland Amusement Park in Lubbock, Texas.

White Swan Park itself is a fitting subject for a #ThrowbackThursday.  Here's a look around the grounds in August of 1986.  (For a wallow in the past, feel free to visit the dearly departed Melrose Park Kiddieland, Hoffman's Playland and Conneaut Lake Park.  Be cheerful, though, that Waldameer Park, Knoebel's Grove, and Little A-Merrick-A are still entertaining children of all ages.)

The tariff.

Incentives matter.

Slide rules aren't the exclusive province of rocket scientists.

Ride the Mad Mouse, not quite the same thing as a Wild Mouse.

The view of the Mad Mouse from the Galaxi.

Just before the Galaxi makes the plunge.

The view of the arcade, from the Ferris wheel (genuine Jacksonville Iron, by the way.)

Where, if the carroussel or the roller coasters were too thrilling, for a quarter you could ride Muffin.  I hope some arcade bought her.

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