Jazz Shaw suggests that Donald Trump's continued success, despite all the ways Conventional Wisdom suggests he's making mistake after mistake after mistake, is evidence of at least some of the voters saying enough to Politics as Usual.
[Washington Post columnist and MSNBC regular analyst] Eugene Robinson was on Morning Joe in the first hour today and recounted how he had watched the debate at a nearby bar as a guest of the American Conservative Union. (Side note: he said he received a warm and cordial welcome there and enjoyed himself a great deal.) He told a very different tale than the one being portrayed on the other cable news outlets. Every time Trump let out one of the groan inducing comments which the experts are yet again predicting will doom him, Robinson said the room let out a collective cheer. That’s not much different from what Ed described happening at Red State Gathering.

I think more of the professional political class and the media analysts should have spent the evening having a few beers with Robinson and the folks from the ACU or at RSG15. Every time we see Donald Trump commit electoral seppuku, political undertakers rush with their shovels to his grave site. And then a week later a new set of numbers comes out and they glumly return to their posts, asking yet again how they got it so wrong. Perhaps this will be the time when they’re right… who knows? Maybe this debate was what it took for the voters to figure out “what’s wrong with Trump.”
C. T. Rex revises and extends.
Well it’s pretty simple really. There is a growing contingent of people in this country who are totally and completely fed up with our entire political system.  They don’t care about pragmatism, or policies, or outcomes.  They just want to give everyone from the pundits to the politicians both middle fingers and they don’t care who else is looking when they do it.
It still takes something to beat failure, and a policy proposal to devolve and roll back and otherwise put an end to the conceit that Talking Heads Demonstrating Gravitas in front of pictures of the (so deliciously scaffolded for repair) Capitol might be the way to go.  But in the absence of that, more drastic measures might be what we see.
And here I am, stuck in the middle with you, watching the political pundits lose their collective minds because they think our elections are still about choosing the candidate with the best record of accomplishment, a 51 point plan for each issue, and a carefully controlled image.

The reality is most people are just looking for a candidate who reflects how they feel, and right now what most people feel is anger, frustration, and resentment.  They’re tired of the games and have absolutely had it with political parties and the rich old white guys in Washington running them.

Trump’s very existence as a political entity is as an expression of that anger. Indeed, anger itself is probably too weak a word.  This is not merely some mild irritation with the GOP establishment. His support comes from raw, unadulterated fury directed at all the levers of power that have failed us all again and again and again.  After all these years of being lied to, stabbed in the back, and disappointed at every turn, some people have just decided they want the entire structure burned to the ground, and if they have to immolate the whole country to do it? So be it.
Fifteen months to go ... can't anybody do anything constructive with fifty years of failure of Great Society, Model Cities, No Child Left Behind, Hope and Change?

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