The culture wars distractions continue, with two leading Republican presidential hopefuls taking stick for their views about Our President's religious beliefs, and about possible conflicts between Sharia and civil society.  Start with Andrew McCarthy on Our President's policies, whether or not he is now, or ever was, a practicing Moslem.
President Obama’s policies have been excessively deferential to anti-American Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and hostile regimes like Iran. He has pressured the executive branch, including the intelligence community and law enforcement, to whitewash the connection between Islamic scripture, Islamic supremacist ideology, and violent jihadism.
Whether his stance is that of a San Francisco Democrat, or a boutique multiculturalist, or a mind-set learned in Indonesia doesn't matter.  What matters, as Roger L. Simon points out, is that any one of those explanations is equally logical. "Is Obama a Muslim?  No, but he’s something even worse — a transnational progressive." As, also, are Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton.  Which makes all their talk about being outsiders just that.  Talk.  Henry Wallace or Adlai Stevenson or Walter Mondale or Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ... that all share a naive view of international affairs and an excessive faith in the ability of Four of Five Experts to Steer the Ship of State is more important than any differences in chromosomes or skin color or the way in which they give hectoring speeches.

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