James Arlandson characterizes the current Democrat-media-academy complex as the Axis of Sophomores.
Where do leftists dominate?  Colleges and universities.  Who comes out of colleges and universities?  Politicians.  It's beneficial to go to school, but can the students use a little wisdom?  Can they now research the web to find out how they're being indoctrinated?

The second source: the left also dominate the mainstream media, who love the axis of sophomores.

Leftists hold the deep conviction in their hearts that America is the problem.  They're wrong.  She's the solution for the world – insofar as she stands for life and liberty, which is the greatest need around the globe.
The point of junior and senior year is to develop deeper understanding of topics, so as to not remain a wise fool, no matter how compelling the first steps might sound. "And perhaps the reason even college sophomores have trouble grasping the economics is that college sophomores are not yet ready for economics -- never mind that Democrat cliches are offered at about a sophomore level of understanding."  And sometimes a mugging by reality occurs.
The propensity of college students to favor Democrats and then vote Republican in middle age is at least as old as the Great Society (what's that line about "to live like a Republican, vote Democratic?") and it might be driven as a desire to keep what one has acquired, as Professor Brooks notes, or it might be a recognition that what appeals to a college sophomore might not appeal well to a messy reality (that raises a question about professors whose thinking has not developed beyond the sophomore level, but I digress.)
On occasion, even people whose livelihood depends on them not recognizing reality when it mugs them have to rethink.  Yes, even Washington Post columnists.  Hello, Richard Cohen.
Obama became president on the strength of his eloquence. To a large degree, that is what has deserted him. He is out of words because he is out of ideas. Consequently, he ought to listen to others. They’re not the ones who are popping off. He is.
Our President might even have recognized that in his brief shout-out to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" at fifty years, when he noted that in Washington, everyone sounds like the adults in Peanuts.  And Dana Milbank refers to President Oh-bummer.  "Maybe you can motivate people when you sound so discouraging. But it’s hard."


Fine.  If we can't reason people out of the Cult of the Presidency on theoretical grounds, perhaps we can disestablish it on the basis of the evidence.

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