J. Robert Smith of American Thinker speaks to the recently released Shattered Consensus.
It’s possible that the collapse of the postwar (liberal) political order opens the way for further degradations of liberty, greater statism, and a more thorough debauching of the culture and society.  Or it could lead to further fragmentation and ruptures, resulting in the breakup of the nation.
That's the nature of a saecular crisis, it's a chance to start over, but the starting over is emergent and unpredictable.  And the current political leadership isn't inspiring confidence.  Consider Jeff Jacoby, rounding up Democrats who don't see much broadly shared prosperity after eight years of hope and change.
In truth, a depressing array of "metrics" shows an economy that has yet to get back on its feet, notwithstanding the unprecedented sums spent by Washington in the form of "stimulus," bailouts, and gargantuan budget deficits.
Ya think?

Kristen Soltis Anderson contemplates the "depressing" electoral landscape.

A Fourth Turning?  Bring it.
[A]s technology improves our lives in countless ways, the ineptitude and inefficiency of Washington looks even worse in contrast.

When we now carry dozens of gigabytes in our pockets and can store a terabyte of data for a couple of bucks, the fact that the government has a cave in Pennsylvania where paper records on government retirees are stored is maddening.

When citizens can get anything from a safe ride home to the latest Hollywood blockbuster with the touch of a button, waiting weeks or months for a government agency to act or respond to a request seems even more ludicrous. We expect better services and better products and use Yelp or TripAdvisor to tell the world about our experiences, but there's no way to give "one star" to a disastrous government policy or program.
That same technology gives voters, particularly younger voters, a high-definition view of the desiccated talking heads nattering on about the same irrelevancies in front of the same backdrops.
The growth of the Hispanic population, the decline of marriage, the rise of the millennial generation all have given rise to new challenges, new opportunities and new preferences from voters who want an agenda that meets the needs of their lives, and neither party at present seems primed to address these needs.

America has changed rapidly, leaders have failed to keep up and voter anger is boiling ever hotter.
Desiccated talking heads, forsooth. Turf them out!
Disgust and disdain at Washington may manifest itself in a whole host of ways, for good or for ill. But like many illnesses, those unpleasant symptoms are often part and parcel of the process of being cured.
Induce vomiting to treat some kinds of poisoning.

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