Mount St. Mary college president Simon Newman, an import from Wall Street, took issue with retention mania in an over-the-top way, which provoked, properly, push back from the tenured faculty.  Mr Newman has now confused running a college with Celebrity Apprentice, telling a provost and two of the dissident faculty that they're fired.  Inside Higher Ed calls it Purge at the Mount.  Complete with MVD operatives looking for a third subversive.
Many believe a third faculty member may also be fired, as he also has criticized the president's policies. Administrators were seen trying to find that faculty member today for an urgent meeting, which is how the two who were fired were dismissed. It is unclear whether they were able to locate the third faculty member.
The "purge" reference is priceless, as administrative arbitrariness began with the Diversity Weenies years ago.
Faculty members reached on campus Monday were nervous about talking, given that their colleagues were being fired and that the administration has told them to consult with the public relations department before talking to reporters. But, speaking anonymously, professors said some faculty and support staff members were crying in various offices. With the firing of the provost and two faculty members -- all of whom had disagreed with the president -- people said they were scared.

"It's terrifying, and nobody is safe," said one faculty member. "It is shattering. It feels like the end of what so many of us have sacrificed for."

[Defenestrated philosophy professor Thane M.] Naberhaus said in an interview shortly after he was dismissed that it was "utterly fraudulent" to fire someone for not being loyal. He said he objected to the idea that dissenting views could be considered sufficiently disloyal to merit dismissal.

Further, he said he wasn't disloyal and that since arriving in 2004, he had worked constantly for the university, leading its honors college, advising students and participating in campus life. "I love this institution and what it's been and what it could be," he said. "I think I've been loyal to the Mount. Who determines that I'm not loyal? And how? How can you fire someone this way?"
I'm reminded of one of the closing lines in Judgement at Nuremberg, when Spencer Tracy's judge informed a German, "Herr Janning, it "came to that" the *first time* you sentenced a man to death you *knew* to be innocent."  It came to administrative usurpation a long time ago.

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