The expense-preference behavior at Northern Illinois University goes on and on and on.

In a previous post, I noted first class upgrades for consultants, but was not able to document the chief inspiration officer.

There was one, and she, too, is making restitution.
Former affiliate employee Magaly Rodriguez owes $2,793.63 in travel expenses which NIU President Doug Baker said was reimbursed inappropriately by NIU, according to an NIU news release Wednesday.

Rodriguez was hired in 2013 as a change specialist functioning as a consultant until May 16, 2014. In May, Rodgriguez’ title was changed to affiliate employee which disqualified her for the consultant work-related expense coverage, said NIU Spokesperson Joe King.

Rodriguez spent $1,604.80 on airfare, $1,128.15 on airport transportation and $60.68 on meals, while traveling between Minnetonka, Minn., O’Hare International Airport and DeKalb, according to a Jan. 20 Divison of Finance and Administration letter sent to Rodriguez.
Just what knowledge did this person possess that somebody local couldn't provide?
As a change specialist, Rodriguez provided consulting services for NIU in December 2013 which included conducting workshops for deans, the senior cabinet and associate provosts and directors. As an affiliate employee, Rodriguez hosted workshops for academic departments and advised senior leaders, King said. Rodriguez works for Volentum, an enterprise management consulting company that teaches problem-solving methods, where she created methods of building communication and a sense of community, according to Volentum’s website.

“All of her work was focused on helping the university create a climate that is open to change where the university can approach change in a positive and productive way so that we can adapt and excel in a very dynamic time,” King said.

Rodriguez’ improper reimbursement was one of the reasons Baker “implemented an examination and overhaul of the longstanding financial procedures in the president’s office,” according to the news release.
Translation: those deanlets and deanlings have to justify the oxygen they use, and meeting and retreating and issuing statements in Dilbert-issue corporate speak is more impressive when someone from elsewhere is present.

Where is the faculty leadership to point out that these administrative usurpations are disrupting the community of scholarship, and not in a good way?

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