In the New York Post, Kyle Smith takes stock of the fractured polity.
As President Obama prepares to carefully fasten his bike helmet and ride off into the sunset, how do we know his presidency has been a total failure?

Because even liberals say so. The famous thrill going up their legs (in the words of Chris Matthews) is now forming a cold, embarrassing puddle in their shoes. There’s a reason why Hillary Clinton, campaigning as the guarantor of Obama’s third term, just got smoked by a kooky geriatric. Bernie Sanders is catching on in part because he tacitly concedes that Obama has been a dud.

“We voted for hope and change, Mr. President, but what did we get?” asks progressive radio host Bill Press, a longtime voice of the left on CNN shows such as “Crossfire,” in his new book “Buyer’s Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down” (Threshold Editions).

The answers are saddening: “stagnant wages, a struggling middle class, rising income inequality and a diminished social safety net.”

And yes, in the most recent Democratic debate, it still sounded like the candidates were running against fifteen years of Herbert Hoover.

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