Inside Higher Ed reports that Mount St. Mary College in Maryland has reinstated faculty members who dared call out their president, a corporate raider who compared struggling students to expendable bunnies.  Faculty members, commendably, are rediscovering who the stewards of the college are.
University reverses course on action that outraged many in academe, but also says board still backs controversial president. Professors aren't ready to return. UPDATE: Faculty sends letter to president, asking him to resign by Monday.
The details:
Whether the tensions will be resolved remains unclear. Inside Higher Ed reached Thane Naberhaus, one of the faculty members who was fired this week, despite having tenure, and asked him if he was planning to return. His email response: "Hell no."
A man that eloquent deserves to be reinforced.
He elaborated: "I'll refuse to be reinstated until Newman is gone and some others are gone."

Ed Egan is the adviser to the student newspaper, and is the other faculty member who was fired and who the university said has now been reinstated. In an interview, he said Newman called him and told him he would be reinstated in part because the Roman Catholic Church has declared a Year of Mercy.

Egan said he was uncertain about returning and that he was bothered by the statement -- and went to the faculty meeting to tell his colleagues why. Egan said he told them that the president's statement was "as if I had done something wrong and was in need of his mercy." In fact, the reinstatement is an attempt to "placate" the campus so that it will not consider all the issues that go beyond the two professors.

"Reinstating me does not make these other problems go away, and Simon Newman needs to show mercy on Mount St. Mary's and resign," Egan said. He added that he is consulting lawyers on his next moves.
A faculty vote of no confidence in Mr Newman might be more significant than a similar vote taken at Harvard, where president Lawrence Summers made an accurate if inartful statement about faculty capabilities, one that did not square with the preconceptions of the identity politics militants.  Here, a president with no understanding of academic culture has broken a fundamental premise about how a university operates, one that goes beyond free speech and due process.  Where are the faculty members at perhaps better known universities, perhaps with broader recognition as scholars, also reclaiming curricular policy from serial administrators and the swarms of deanlets and deanlings who harass the faculty and eat up all the pay raises?

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