Over the weekend, Donald Trump obtained pledges of fealty from voters at one of his outdoor rallies.  Ich schwöre, diesen heiligen Eid.  Yes, the optics, to use the current term of art in the political class, of Der Donaldprinzip leave something to be desired, but more importantly, we have one candidate's cult following on a successful presidential cult that also had questionable optics.  I suggested that, previously.  Here's how Commentary's Jonathan Tobin elaborates.
Both Obama and Trump have risen via movements that are little more than cults of personality. Both have inspired absurd hero worship that focused less on their ideology than on their personal qualities. Obama ran on national unity and governed as the most partisan liberal ideologue since Lyndon Johnson. Since Trump has no set principles there is no way of knowing what he will do which is why many conservatives correctly view the prospect of a Trump presidency as not likely to be any different from one run by the Clintons.

Part of the attraction of Trump is the notion that the nation needs a strong man. He appeals to the authoritarian instinct in ways that no other politician has done in the living memory of any American. It is not surprising that his followers are ready to pledge allegiance to him in the way that Obama’s have done. If it’s hard to think of any other presidential candidate other than this pair doing this, that’s not an accident.

The entire premise of the Obama presidency has been a belief that the magic of his personality would transform both American politics and international relations. That it has been a resounding failure on both fronts is hardly surprising since his considerable political talent is not matched by any gift for governing or command of the realities of foreign policy.
Expect presidential greatness, prepare to be disappointed. Has anybody not been disappointed?  The seas will rise or fall on their own schedule.
Those who seek to replace Obama with Trump may think they are doing something radically different. But the sad truth is that they are merely heading down the same dead end that Obama’s followers pursued as they placed their face in another would-be great man.
I don't believe in magic.

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