I am no fan of current Democrat National Committee head Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz or of current Chicago Combine honcho Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel.  Neither, apparently are Bill Moyers,  former special advisor to Combine protege Lyndon Johnson, and Moyers's protege Michael Winship.  Time for These Two Democrats to Go.
So imagine now the Democratic National Convention this July. Presiding over it will be, yes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, tribune for a party of incumbency, money and crony capitalism. Follow her as she makes the rounds of private parties where zillionaire donors, lobbyists and consultants transact the real business of politics. Watch as she and Hizzoner Rahm Emanuel of Chicago greet and embrace. Then imagine those thousands of young people outside the convention hall who have arrived from long months of campaigning earnestly for reform of the party they see as an instrument of their future, as well as members of Black Lives Matter and other people of color for whom Rahm Emanuel is the incarnation of deceit and oppression.

This is why Emanuel and Wasserman Schultz must go. To millions, they are enablers of the one percent, perpetuators of the Washington mentality that the rest of the country has grown to hate. What a message such servants of plutocracy send: Democrats — a bridge to the past.
I think that's a nuanced version of "the party is run by corrupt and lying people."  Promises to be an interesting summer, if both major parties fracture along insider-outsider lines.

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