Sometimes the other fellow makes the play, and all you can do is shake his hand and say, Good game, Notre Dame.
Turn back the clock to the 19-second mark and Wisconsin wins this game nine out of 10 times. This was the exception to the rule, and that's why it was so painful. In the end, the Badgers tripped over their own feet at the Big Dance.
The team had committed inordinately many turnovers prior to that closing flurry by Notre Dame.

The challenge going forward, though, will be for the new coach and the young players to manage future expectations, both of the fans, and of themselves.

Retrieved from Eclectic Emily.

The Green Bay Packers deal with that burden regularly, both from fans who judge playoff appearances against the standard established in the days of Vince Lombardi, and among themselves.

For Wisconsin basketball, the early 21st Century is the good old days!

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