Howard Friel calls out Paul Krugman, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.
Krugman never actually, really opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, although he had lots of opportunities to do so asthe NYT columnist. And, Hillary Clinton, of course, voted in 2002 to invade Iraq when she was the carpet-bagging U.S. senator from New York.
Ouch. That "carpet-bagging" used to be a talking point among Right-thinking people.

Where Mr Friel goes astray is in seeing Senator Sanders as the way to make progress against social ills closer to home.  "I see broken-down and dilapidated cities, schools, trains, communities, and people all over the place in this country."  Yes, rendered uninhabitable by Democrat policies, with populations rendered unemployable by government schools and the minimum wage.

Now, if we take Mrs Clinton's definition of "progressive" as "making progress," perhaps the truly progressive initiative is making progress in liberating the Democrats' base from their politicians.

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