Germany is installing tolling on die Autobahnen.  (That's one European social democratic feature I could get on board with here.)  But German residents (citizens? taxpayers?) get part of their toll rebated against their motor vehicle taxes, and that's creating an international incident.
This, the European Commission said on Thursday, unfairly discriminates against foreign drivers, including those from EU member states, therefore violating EU law.

"It is the Commission's duty – as Guardian of the Treaties – to ensure that such charges do not discriminate between domestic and foreign drivers in the EU," the Commission wrote in a statement.

Germany has two months to make reforms to the planned toll, or the Commission says it will bring the country to the European Court of Justice.
Here in Corruptistan, motorists get an inducement to purchase the I-Pass (or the EZ-Pass, which works in several states) each time they pass a tolling station, as there is a sign comparing the cash rate with the lower pass rate.  But to subscribe to the I-Pass or the EZ-Pass requires a motorist to put some cash on deposit with the tollway authority.  It's worth doing for an Illinois resident who uses the Tollway a lot, particularly to reach the turnpikes heading east.  It's not worth doing for a Nebraskan or Arkansan making an occasional visit to the state.  Are those Huskers and Razorbacks facing undue prejudice?

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