Just stop screwing things up, recommends Reason's Nick Gillespie.
So how about a presidential debate or town hall or iron-cage match in which the candidates tell us fewer fairy tales about how they will light a fire under the economy by giving their constituents more money and inform us about how they will stop throwing blankets on our economic activity and will deal with something they can control: How much the government spends this year and the next and the one(s) after that?
Yes. How, though, does a person run for president while lowering expectations?

"No, I do not intend to run the country.  I will execute my duties as specified in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.  I will deliver the reports and recommendations requested in Article II, Section 3 on paper, not exceeding ten pages double spaced."

"I propose to lower the expectations of the president so as to establish a precedent more protective of the health of future presidents."

The reactions of the political class to such proposals are likely to cause casualties.  Chris Matthews will die laughing.

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