Last night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred over whether rendering young people unemployable at $15 an hour was preferable to rendering them unemployable at $12 an hour.  I gave up on the debate in favor of Vikings before they got to yelling at each other about education, that is, if they ever did get to yelling at each other about education.

But there's good news about education. Latino, black parents: Expect more of our kids.  It's survey data, and yet respondents appear not to be letting the school establishment give lip service to diversity.
Ninety percent of Latinos and black parents said schools should hold low-income students to the same or higher standard as other students, reports Natalie Gross on Latino Ed Beat
Perhaps the gentry liberals could dismiss "soft bigotry of low expectations" when George W. Bush said it.  But when parents whose children comprise the majority of students attending the common schools, and as such, might have more reason to vote in school board elections, the gentry might stop pushing feel-good policies that enable dysfunction.

Perhaps, though, it will be progress when I no longer have to type out "rendered unemployable by government schools and the minimum wage."

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