Last week, Historiann alerted her readers to a campaign being mounted by California-Davis chancellor Linda Katehi to send to the memory hole all cyber references to a police officer pepper-spraying students who were conducting a relatively tame protest.  Cold Spring Shops reported on the #UCDavisPepperSpray here.  "Throw a few underlings under the bus, expand the Diversity Boondoggle."

Now it's the commissar, er, chancellor's name on a list that was later misplaced.
The University of California and UC Davis spokespeople did not answer questions Tuesday about the whereabouts and fate of Chancellor Linda Katehi; however, faculty members told KCRA 3 that Katehi has been asked by the UC president to resign.
You profess surprise, dear reader, that when you put a chekist in charge of a state university system, the midnight knock on the door comes?
"I have no information at this time, but I will share with you anything I learn," said Dana Topousis, a spokeswoman for UC Davis.

A spokesman for [university system president Janet "Big Sis"] Napolitano also said he did not have information.

Katehi has been under fire for weeks, ever since it was revealed that she accepted board positions with DeVry University and with a textbook publisher. Later, it was learned that Katehi’s administration paid nearly $200,000 to consulting firms to bury online stories about a 2011 incident when campus police pepper-sprayed students during a protest.

Also on Tuesday, the chancellor cancelled an interview scheduled Wednesday with the Capitol Public Radio program, “Insight.”
And now they have come for you.  "Former faculty senator Karlson warned you, and you thanked me for stating opposing views so eloquently. But you did nothing to improve your position."

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