Paul Krugman explains why he's not always down for the struggle.  Ask a Bernie Sanders supporter for clarification, and sooner or later there's nothing behind the intentions.
It’s about an attitude, the sense that righteousness excuses you from the need for hard thinking and that any questioning of the righteous is treason to the cause. When you see Sanders supporters going over the top about “corporate whores” and such, you’re not seeing a mysterious intrusion of bad behavior into an idealistic movement; you’re seeing the intolerance that was always just under the surface of the movement, right from the start.
Perhaps an attitude reinforced, particularly in the gentry precincts and the academy, by the misuse of Democrat cliches as policy profundities.  Eight years on, and it's the same silliness.  I await the day when Academician Krugman confesses that he, too, has been mugged by reality.

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