There's home video of a young hellion in Georgia about to get a buttwhack from the school principal.  It's clickbait enough to have made the evening news.

Here's the back story.
[The boy's mother, Shana] Perez said she was told to allow the punishment, or he would be suspended and that suspension would have put Perez behind bars.

"It was either let them paddle him or go back to jail for truancy," Perez said.

Perez said she was arrested two weeks ago because her son had 18 unexcused absences.
Neither suspension nor a buttwhack seem like the proper inducement to keep a five year old in school, when that five year old is averse to being there, is averse to playing well with others, and has been enabled at home.  But that kid is well past "talking it out," which is what the talking heads see as desirable.

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