Book World might get a permit to open a bookstore in DeKalb.
The Junction Shopping Center, at 858 W. Lincoln Highway, is a multi-tenant strip center with 17 storefronts. For more than 20 years, it was home to the Junction Book Store. That store opened in 1969, the year the shopping center was built.

The Junction Book Store closed in 2002, not long after Borders Books & Music opened in November 2001 and Barnes & Noble announced plans of its own for a bookstore across the street. After the Junction Book Store, the space was occupied by Dollar General.
I'm not sure what it says about DeKalb that the Dollar General is out, some of the space is empty, and some of it hosts a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar.

Borders is out of business, and Barnes & Noble have left town.

The permit is about signage.  The sale of books is not triggering per se, despite a university being located across the street.

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