The U. S. Army built an amphibious troop carrier whose acronym, DUKW, and land-water capabilities, lent themselves to the more felicitous Duck.  And they transport tourists through Wisconsin Dells and the Lower Dells.

There's a latter-day improvisation, on the same principle, in San Diego, where (perhaps out of respect for the trademark laws) it's a Seal.

In the Low Countries, and coming soon to the Rheinland, there's the amphibious bus, with the idea of moving commuters more rapidly across rivers and harbors.
Cologne politicians think they can be put to more practical use to overcome the limited capacity on the city's bridges, which turn into bottlenecks at rush hour.

By shifting traffic away from the land, planners hope to solve the jams and make new-build houses along the banks of the Rhine more liveable.
These amphibious craft have to be more businesslike than their touristy counterparts.

Rotterdam tour bus image retrieved from Destination: Freedom.

All that yellow is suggestive of a rubber duckie.  Just sayin!

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