The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education will continue to follow Marquette University's attempts to excommunicate John "Marquette Warrior" McAdams.

For the time being, Milwaukee's WTMJ have coverage of yesterday's developments, including the university's reaction to the lawsuit they're now facing.
Marquette has received the complaint filed by Dr. McAdams and his team of lawyers. We welcome this issue being addressed in court, where the public will hear a comprehensive account of Dr. McAdams’ mistreatment of our former graduate student, rather than the select details he has handpicked to promote his false narrative. Once all the facts are made clear, Marquette fully expects that the decision to suspend him will be upheld.

Dr. McAdams continues to reject the judgment of his peers on the Faculty Hearing Committee. The committee unanimously concluded that he violated his core obligations as a tenured professor and that he should be suspended.

It was Marquette’s preference throughout this process to keep all proceedings between the university and Dr. McAdams confidential because this is a personnel matter. Dr. McAdams has routinely decided to argue his case in public. Now that he has made this a legal matter, Marquette is releasing President Lovell’s decision letter and the full 123-page Faculty Hearing Committee report to ensure transparency. We have also included President Lovell’s follow-up letter to Dr. McAdams.
I wonder, though, if this is the hill Marquette's administration wishes to die on.
Furthermore, we are deeply concerned about the attention that Dr. McAdams and his legal team continue to focus on our former graduate student. He continues to call her out by name in his blog, and even recently went out of his way to name the university where she is continuing her studies today. These actions have exposed her to additional harassment, more than a year after she left Marquette.

Our main goal throughout this process has been to ensure that no other Marquette student is ever subjected to an extensive public shaming campaign by a member of our faculty.
Now that the case is in court, future developments might be long in coming.

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