That's one of the many technical advances Stanley Kubrick anticipated in the late 1960s that didn't come to be (you're still not able to ride a Pan American shuttle to a space station with a Hilton hotel).

There's enough of the technology available, though, for Wisconsin radio talker Jerry Bader to call b.s. on publicists for Donald Trump calling in on Mr Trump's behalf.
A forensic voice analyst told CNN that he has determined, to a high degree of scientific certainty, that the voice claiming to be a Trump publicist is actually that of Donald Trump. Trump continues to deny it his him. The voice analysis technology I employed 11 years ago is likely radically inferior to what is available today, and it was spot on with [former Green Bay alderman] Van Den Heuvel [who similarly faked a call-in under somebody else's name].
We have much to look forward to.

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