In Washington's Post, Jonathan Adler remarks on Nicholas Kristof's lament about the bitter fruits of progressive intolerance.  Mr Adler concludes with a meditation on the fate of higher education, particularly the taxpayer-supported institutions being run by stupid people.
Financial pressures are part of the cause, but the widespread perception that universities do more to encourage progressive activism than to prepare students for successful careers are surely part of the mix as well.  After all, it is easier to support spending on higher education when academic institutions are seen to serve the public at large.

Ideological intolerance is a threat to liberal education. In time, it may be a threat to educational institutions as well.
It has been my task to point out that admitting unprepared students and calling it access, offering a potted reprise of high school and calling it sophomore year, graduating people not ready to fill technical jobs with boutique degrees and lots of debt, and being the home office for wrecking the common schools doesn't win the academy many friends.

That the stupid people running higher education are doing what they can to turn their institutions into one-party states is as a maggot is on a crap sandwich.

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