The lesser of two evils is evil.  Kurt Schlichter asks his #NeverTrump drinking buddies to contemplate the greater evil.
Trump may have shrugged his shoulders at the idea of transgender potties, but that's not the kind of idea that he would ever come up with. He doesn’t care. However, it's exactly the kind of obnoxious, intrusive idea libfascists like Hillary come up with. Trump just wants to sit around being rich and famous. Hillary wants to improve people like me and forcibly morph us into her neutered vision of the new socialist beta male she's been dreaming of since she was an embittered last call five at Wellesley.

Trump may be kind of thuggish, but he'll leave me alone. Hillary's going to come looking for me, and she’s foolish and clueless enough to push and push until we normals get tired of it and start to push back. I, for one, prefer my country not to be sucked into a second civil war because some former president’s angry wife is playing out a freakish psychodrama revenge fantasy against all the guys who have rejected her, from her father to Bill to those of us male-identifying men who laugh at her cankles. Advantage Trump.
That's a message to the #NeverTrump folks to pay some attention to the races elsewhere on the ticket,  the better to continue the gridlock.  Mr Obama is petulant, but in a laid-back sort of way.  Mrs Clinton will commence the screeching upon her inauguration.

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