I doubt that the concept of a cream puff occurred to him.  But the way in which its manufacture is carried on, not only is the whole work a peculiar trade, but it is divided into a number of branches.

To prepare the shells is a separate trade.  Then a worker, or a team of workers, cuts the shells.

A second team prepares the shells to receive the filling; to prepare and apply the filling requires two or three distinct operations (and the cream must be procured from the dairy); another applies the top; to sprinkle on the powdered sugar is a peculiar business.

It is even a trade in itself to put them into boxes or onto plates, and the important business of making a cream puff is divided into distinct operations performed by several dozen hands, although at a county fair a smaller team will perform two or three of the operations.

At the Wisconsin State Fair, the cream puff production line is in operation only for the eleven days of the fair.  Lines appear long, but the wait is short, and the product generally no more than ten minutes old at purchase.

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