Apparently, the Pacific Parlour Cars, an amenity of the Coast Starlight, with or without the proper wine tasting, are a sometime thing on the train.  During the summer peak tourism season, no less.
I’ve probably traveled on the Coast Starlight a couple of dozen times over the years. But all of the little extras that made this train so special and induced me to take an extra day and assume extra cost just to ride that train? They’re all gone. Only the parlor car is left, and apparently you’ve only got a 50-50 chance of finding one in the consist when you travel.

The troubling thing is that many first time passengers are becoming aware that the Coast Starlight is no longer the special experience they thought it would be.

Congress must come to understand that Amtrak cannot achieve break even, let alone profitability, by cutting costs, especially when those cuts affect sleeping car passengers who are already paying more than their fair share. Let us hope that a new Congress will finally, at long last, get it!
Unfortunately, Make The Coast Starlight Great Again has insufficient national appeal, and Make Amtrak Great Again will provoke questions about When Was Amtrak Great?

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