Rod Dreher has been reporting on the lack of Official Reaction to the flooding in Louisiana.  (There's continuing coverage from his base site.)  "Despite George W. Bush’s folly on Katrina, which left a permanent mark on his legacy, Obama remains on vacation, just as Bush did."  Plus:
Obama can plausibly claim that the media haven’t been reporting on the 2016 Louisiana disaster like it did on Katrina, but really, is that any excuse? Does the President of the United States really depend on the national media to tell him when part of the nation he governs has been devastated in a rolling catastrophe?
Think of the national media as Democrat operatives with bylines and you'll not go much wrong, Californian fires and Summer Olympics notwithstanding.

But Mr Trump is missing an opportunity.  The floods are adversely affecting precisely those people who are ignored or maligned by the coastal gentry.

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