At Minding the Campus, John Leo re-posts a speech he made early in 2001, wherein he documented the rot setting in early in the Nineties.  "This was 1990. It proved for the first time that a small number of agitators could make the president of a university grovel and impose identity politics, and it’s become a pattern in the culture, at least the campus division."  It hasn't gotten any better since.
We are in the heyday of censorship. The PC culture says: We are right; our opponents are wrong. Why should we let them speak? Oppressors should have no rights, anyway. This is our college, these people are backward, so let’s just get rid of them. So there is no give and take in argument or debate. The PC job isn’t education. It’s simply to root out villains.
Today the compassion fascists call it "no-platforming." But the push-back gets stronger, and there is, today, a vigorous culture of mocking and scorning the Perpetually Aggrieved.

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