Donald Trump is no Martin Luther.  But there is a corrupt system that deserves to be reformed.  Perhaps he's an imperfect herald of the reform, although his movement is enough for Daily Pundit.   Thus his version of the elite keep getting the basics wrong. "They don’t want to Make America Great Again, because they are terrified (rightly so) that in a Great America their iron gravy bowls would be greatly at risk, and their Donor Class owners equally fear a loosening of their iron grip on the Ruling Party."  Don't expect the Ruling Party to do anything other than those things on which their continued salaries depend.

Should he fail, next will come his smarter, scarier successor.  Here's where things currently stand.
Trump has gotten where he is by combining that base with a new movement of voters he stumbled upon, almost by accident. It is this cadre of disaffected conservatives who crave a candidate who says “screw you” to the establishment, both Democratic and Republican. The establishment has left them behind and they want no part of it. These voters also know Trump is an unqualified buffoon, but that doesn’t matter — he gives them a chance to say “screw you” and they need it. The global trends are leaving them behind, and we intellectuals don’t see that very well. Alone, neither group is large enough for victory, but together they might be. The outsider group was enough to get Trump the nomination, and now they have combined their voting power with a large fraction of the base. This has overcome the unease and defection of some establishment Republicans upset over Trump’s buffoonery.
But one must get beyond "screw you" to explaining why here is where you stand and you can do no other.
What if a more calculating candidate, now that this new body of voters has been discovered, knew better what to say and what not to say? What if there were a candidate who applied advanced political techniques, testing and polling new positions, rather than just throwing pasta at the wall to see what sticks and depending on an imagined invulnerability to get away with it?

If Clinton continues her lead and wins, then this candidate is coming in 2024 or even 2020. If the trend described above that works against the incumbent party continues, that candidate will have a head start against Clinton or her Democratic successor and a strong chance at victory.
Particularly because whether Mrs Clinton continues from Mr Obama or Mr Clinton, we will still be seeing the elites getting it wrong.

I repeat, because repeat I must.  "It is a corrupt system, and it stinketh, and there is discontent, perhaps, not yet with a reformer of the stature of Martin Luther before us."

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