I'm not sure when faculty or staff at Northern Illinois University last received a pay raise, or when an academic department was last authorized sufficient hires to enlarge its tenure-line faculty.

But there's plenty of money in diversity, and those directors of diversity sure have their work cut out for them.
Administrators stood in the MLK Commons handing chalk to passersby and encouraging them to write messages of happiness and unity.

The initiative, which took place Wednesday, was partially in response to the presidential election, which has struck fear into some members of the NIU community.

“Truly, really and truly, our students are all loved,” said Lisa Miner, director of Institutional Communications. “And we wanted to make sure that, now more than ever, that they know that.”

Miner, who wrote her own chalk messages, was among multiple administrators who participated in the initiative, including Chief Diversity Officer Vernese Edghill-Walden and Thomas Phillips, NIU chief of police.
I'm now retired, and don't pass through the commons that often, which is probably a good thing from the administration's perspective, as my message of happiness and unity would read #MAGA.

What is not so good, from the administration's perspective, is that my response to the annual fund drive (yes, they hit up retired professors, too) will read something like "I regret that I cannot contribute to the operation of a university that asks me for money whilst high-paid administrators have time to organize politically motivated chalkings in the tiny free speech zone."

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