Or perhaps it's F. Chipmunk Todd.  I've never understood what NBC saw in making former Democrat operative Chuck Todd the successor to Tim Russert and Lawrence Spivak.  Perhaps it's the aesthetics that put me off.  A dirty-face goatee turning gray?  The aging of the Thirteenth Generation isn't going to be pretty.  Or perhaps it's his habit of treating conservatives and Republicans more rudely (I'm sure his advocates will say it's simply aggressive questioning) than he does court intellectuals and Democrats.  Take nine minutes to watch his interview with Kellyanne Conway, successful manager of the Trump presidential campaign.

Let me highlight a few exchanges, as from the transcript.
CHUCK TODD: Before the election, there were Democrats telling Hillary Clinton if she won, she needed to spend time in red America. Does Donald Trump need to spend some time in blue America and not just have rallies with his supporters but maybe have town halls with opponents?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Sure. He's already shown his willingness to spend time in blue America. It's actually how he won the election. Busting the blue wall that people said we couldn't do.

CHUCK TODD: Now, but there's a difference. Talking to--


CHUCK TODD: It's-- There's one thing talking-- going to states where he finds voters who agree with him. But talking to voters who disagree with him.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Well, he found a lot of voters who disagreed with the Republican Party all along, and they voted for him. Those were the undercover Trump voters we tried to talk about for months under a hail of ridicule.
Chipmunk has to change the subject, because Mrs Conway has done her homework, and she's going to match him one "In September you said this ..." with a proper response.

Then we get to the chief of staff, but it's more important for Chipmunk to invalidate the election.
CHUCK TODD: So what you're saying is he's not-- he wouldn't come in to say, "Let's burn Washington down proverbially"?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: I think that the president-elect is there to actually implement his first 100-day plan. And those around him know that and will appreciate that, whether it's within his inner circle or on Capitol Hill. I-- we are very grateful in Trump world to both Bannon and Priebus. And I think you'll see them wor-- continue to work together. We all work very closely together. This is a mandate. And those of us, those of us who are around him will support him--

CHUCK TODD: It's a mandate? But, the pop--

KELLYANNE CONWAY: --wanting to do stuff.

CHUCK TODD: All right. But you say it's a mandate. How do you explain losing the popular vote?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Well, you've got big states in there like California, and Illinois, New York.

CHUCK TODD: All, all part of America.


All par-- Well, of course they're part of America--

CHUCK TODD: No, but that's my point. So that's half the country. I mean, it's one thing to claim a mandate. And I, I think governing-wise, I get what you're saying. But you do have a public opinion-wise or popularity-wise that's a different story. How do you--


CHUCK TODD: --square the two? How do you square the two?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: You know, Chuck, for, you know, my colleagues across the aisle in Brooklyn and team Clinton are very smart people. I respect them very much. But they misread America. They, they did not have her in red states. They, they were pretending that they were going to turn red blue. They were pretending. It was literally said. And all of you covered it like it was gospel.

Literally said, "We will know this election result before election day because of the early vote." False but written about. We, well-- She had good election-- She had good early voting but horrible election day turnout. We-- Then it was, quote, "We will have historic turnout." False. But it was written about and covered as if it were true because it came from them.
She can't say it, but I will. Democrats were more effective at buying proxies when they had to do so with their own money, at three votes for the price of five slaves. I'm going to get into the contested Electoral College in the next few days, and the way the Democrats buying proxies with other people's money shaped the aftermath of 2012.

She also can't note, because it's too obscure a reference, that a lot of people sat this election out, and that the Cleveland Indians were actually leading the World Series after 63 innings, but baseball isn't cricket.

And Chipmunk's interrupting and playing to the Democrats prevented Mrs Conway from pointing out that in making Mr Priebus chief of staff, Mr Trump is able to work with the people he will have to make deals with to get his plans through Congress, whilst in making Mr Bannon special advisor, he is able to get a sense of what the people who got him there are thinking.  But getting that dig in about the popular vote is more important.

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