The heirs to Leon Trotsky aren't happy with identity politics.  The primary target of their wrath is MSNBC regular M. E. Dyson, who also has a court intellectual gig with New York's Times.  But their objection to actually existing affirmative action is instructive.
For more than 40 years, the US ruling class has embraced the mantra of diversity and programs such as affirmative action. Far from liberal elites avoiding this approach, it has been a key element of the social counterrevolution over the past four decades: attacking the jobs and living standards of the working class while elevating a privileged layer of blacks, Latinos, women and gays into the ranks of corporate management, political office, academia, the labor bureaucracy and the media.
Reality is more complicated, with some of who we used to understand as middle-class migrating into the ranks of the upper-middle class.  But to suggest that moving protected-status individuals (to use the current diversity office locution) into the professional class is tokenism?  The sun did rise in the east this morning, didn't it?  And there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties:  "The two parties worked out an unspoken and filthy division of labor, in which the Democrats were allowed to posture as defenders of the black, Hispanic and immigrant population, while white workers were increasingly labeled as 'privileged' and ceded to the Republicans."  Yes, and then Mr Trump gets to make political hay out of the privilege shaming.  But apparently there are some writers in the Marxist tradition who are having none of the perceptions of cultural Marxism that turn up in more mainstream forums.

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