The building that houses the College of Business at Northern Illinois University is not a state facility, which means the College can implement its own terms of use.
On Jan. 14, the building began locking at 10 p.m. for non-business majors and 1 a.m. for business majors, said Patricia Myers, Barsema Hall Dean’s Office manager. Non-business majors will not have access after 10 p.m. The building was unlocked 24 hours a day before this semester.

Because Barsema Hall is not a state building, business students are able to remain in the building after 1 a.m., although re-entry is not permitted, said Luke Finnan, Barsema Hall facility manager. Rather than being built with state funding, Barsema Hall was presented as a gift to NIU by Trustee Dennis Barsema and his wife Stacey in 2002.
Apparently people passing through -- not necessarily people with concentrations other than business -- were treating the public spaces like they'd treat a dorm lounge, or any other common property.  There's something instructive in the reason the College started locking the doors.
Issues involving moved furniture and damaged property have become evident since the building opened, which led to the newly enforced hours, Finnan said.

These problems began to interfere with incoming company representatives who wished to interact with students in the College of Business, DeJean said.

“Tables, chairs and bench seating [were] being moved overnight into the hallways and walk areas on the atrium level, creating a safety concern,” DeJean said.
I suppose the advocates of sloppy transgressivity will complain about the continued corporatization and vocationalization (see, I can sling business jargon too) of the university in this insistence on having a tidy working space.  (And yes, the prohibition of cartoons and other items on faculty office doors is a bit much.)

But then, mannerly behavior eases commercial interaction, so perhaps I should not carp too much.

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