Charter Wire, which maintain a small fleet of private rail cars in Milwaukee and have made Saukville the Pittsburgh of Wisconsin, will be expanding their presence in Cleveland.  Look not, though, for massive works in the Flats.
Charter Steel, a division of Charter Manufacturing, is a leading American supplier of carbon and alloy steel bar, rod and wire products with distribution and manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Ohio. Built in 1996 and purchased by Charter Steel in 2002, the Cleveland Rolling Mill was designed to roll and process high-quality rod and bar from a full range of billets, including those produced from semi-finished blooms and basic oxygen furnaces. In October of 2012, Charter Steel announced plans to expand its electric art furnace in the Cuyahoga Heights steel mill. The plant employs about 330 workers.
Scrap sorting, melting, casting, and rolling no longer call for the large industrial armies.
Construction is expected to begin this spring, with the plant opening in the second half of 2018. Charter said the project will create about 25 jobs and represents the largest investment in the family-owned company’s 81-year history.
Steel work is still hot, dirty, and hazardous, but fewer people are exposed to those risks, and they are capable of producing tonnages that the immigrant workers of the late nineteenth century could not conceive of.

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